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Most Popular Wedding Photography Styles

Not sure what wedding photography style to pick?

As you plan your wedding, it's important to understand the vibe you're aiming for. Because that will ultimately help you decide which wedding photographer to go with.

However, picking a style can be tricky!

Here, we've listed different wedding photography styles to help you know all the options so you can make the best decision.

Let’s get started!

Wedding photo of bride smiling on her wedding day.
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Popular Wedding Photography Styles

1. Timeless Elegance 

2. Photojournalistic/Candid 

3. Vintage Vibes

4. Romantic 

5. Rustic

6. Retro 

7. Documentary Style 

8. Fashion Editorial 

9. Destination 

10. Minimalist

11. Vintage

12. Bohemian

13. Contemporary 

14. Cinematic

15. Urban 

Each style brings its own unique perspective and aesthetic to capturing the special moments of a wedding day. Need help planning your wedding photos? Click here to view wedding timeline examples!

Wedding photo of a couple laughing together.
Starr Photo & Video

Let’s Explore these 15 Popular Wedding Photography Styles!

1. Timeless Elegance Wedding Photography: Classic Beauty that Transcends Time

Embracing traditional poses and elegant compositions, timeless elegance wedding photography captures the grace and sophistication that never goes out of style. Every frame is a testament to the enduring beauty of love.

2. Photojournalistic/Candid Wedding Photography: A Glimpse of Pure Emotion

With a focus on capturing genuine moments and raw emotions, photojournalistic wedding photography tells the authentic story of your special day. Candid shots freeze fleeting expressions and spontaneous laughter, preserving the magic of the moment.

3. Vintage Vibes Wedding Photography: Old-World Charm with a Modern Twist

Combining nostalgic aesthetics with contemporary flair, vintage vibes wedding photography adds a touch of yesteryear's charm to your wedding album. Soft, muted tones and retro-inspired editing evoke a sense of timeless romance.

4. Romantic Wedding Photography: Love in Full Bloom

From dreamy sunset kisses to stolen glances, romantic wedding photography celebrates the love between two souls. Soft focus, delicate lighting, and intimate compositions capture the essence of romance in every frame.

5. Rustic Wedding Photography: Capturing the Charm of Nature's Embrace

Set against the backdrop of scenic landscapes and rustic venues, rustic wedding photography embraces the beauty of the great outdoors. Natural light and earthy tones create a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for rustic-themed celebrations.

Rustic Style wedding photo of a bridal party.
Starr Photo & Video

6. Retro Wedding Photography: Timeless Chic with a Vintage Twist

Drawing inspiration from bygone eras, retro wedding photography adds a nostalgic touch to your wedding memories. Vintage props, classic poses, and film-inspired editing transport you back to a simpler time filled with timeless elegance.

7. Documentary Style Wedding Photography: A Story Unfolds Before Your Eyes

Documentary-style wedding photography captures the unfolding narrative of your special day, from the heartfelt vows to the joyous celebrations. With a focus on candid moments and authentic storytelling, every image is a chapter in your love story.

8. Fashion Editorial Wedding Photography: Glamour and Sophistication Meet Love

Elevating wedding photography to the realm of high fashion, editorial-style shoots infuse glamour and sophistication into every frame. Dramatic lighting, striking poses, and editorial-worthy compositions turn your wedding album into a work of art.

9. Destination Wedding Photography: Adventure and Romance Await

Whether exchanging vows on a tropical beach or amidst snow-capped mountains, destination wedding photography captures the thrill of adventure and the allure of far-off lands. Each image is a testament to the boundless love shared in exotic locales.

10. Minimalist Wedding Photography: Clean and Simple

Less is more with minimalist wedding photography, where clean lines and simple compositions take center stage. Stripping away distractions, minimalist photographers focus on capturing the essence of love in its purest form.

Minimalist wedding photo of a groom with his groomsmen.
Starr Photo & Video

11. Vintage Wedding Photography: Nostalgia Preserved in Every Frame

Transporting you back to a bygone era, vintage wedding photography preserves the nostalgia of days gone by. Antique props, sepia tones, and classic editing techniques evoke a sense of timeless charm and romanticism.

12. Bohemian Wedding Photography: Free-spirited Love in Every Shot

Infused with bohemian spirit and carefree vibes, bohemian wedding photography celebrates the wild and untamed beauty of love. From flower crowns to barefoot vows, every image exudes a sense of free-spirited romance.

13. Contemporary Wedding Photography: Modern Moments, Timeless Memories

With a focus on sleek aesthetics and cutting-edge techniques, contemporary wedding photography captures the essence of modern romance. Bold compositions, vibrant colors, and innovative editing create striking images that stand the test of time.

14. Cinematic Wedding Photography: Your Love Story, Reel to Real

Transforming your wedding day into a cinematic masterpiece, cinematic wedding photography brings the magic of the silver screen to life. Dramatic lighting, epic landscapes, and cinematic storytelling techniques turn your love story into an unforgettable movie.

15. Urban Wedding Photography: Love Amongst the City Lights

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the cityscape, urban wedding photography captures the vibrant energy and modern romance of urban love stories. From graffiti-strewn alleyways to glittering skylines, every image is a love letter to the city and to each other.

Wedding photo of a wedding couple laughing together.
Starr Photo & Video

Happy Wedding Planning!

Choosing the perfect one can seem daunting. From the timeless elegance of traditional poses to the raw authenticity of candid moments, each style offers a unique lens through which to capture the essence of your love story. Whether you're drawn to the charm of vintage vibes or the modern sophistication of cinematic storytelling, there's a style that resonates with every couple's vision. Ultimately, the choice of wedding photography style becomes more than just a decision—it becomes a reflection of your personality, your journey, and the love that binds you together. So as you pick the perfect style, remember that every frame is not just a photograph but a piece of your timeless love story, waiting to be captured and cherished for years to come. Good luck and happy wedding planning!

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