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Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding Couple standing by Cascade Lake in Idaho

Frequently Asked Questions

How does our company work?

We have a local team of photographers and videographers. 

We often get asked, "Who will be my photographer/videographer? Do I get to pick?" We are happy to show you portfolios of our individual team members! But also keep in mind that there are companies out there who book weddings and outsource to random photographers/videographers. THIS IS NOT US! All our team members go through our onboarding program/training and often start as second shooters for us. We will not send a photographer or videographer to your wedding whom we do not have 100% confidence in. We are real people!


Here are a few of our photographers and videographers:

What if I do not like the style of the photographer/videographer I am paired with?

All of our team members are trained to shoot in our specific style. They all are experienced, professional and meet our equipment requirements. Additionally, ALL photo and video editing is done by our in-house team to ensure the look you see in our portfolio on our website. Whether you are paired with photographer/videographer A, B, C or D the end result will be very similar.


If for any reason you are concerned about your team, we will gladly reassign them. (This rarely happens!) Your team will contact you within one week of being assigned and will set up a zoom or phone call to get to know you and go over all the important details with you.

Why Idaho and Kansas City?

We are often asked why we have teams in both Idaho and Kansas City. Simply put, both locations hold a personal significance to our owners and are the communities we chose to serve. Rest assured that our teams are not part of a national brand, and all of our photographers and videographers are local to their respective teams.


We have been established in both areas for the past four years, which allows us to offer a level of local expertise and personalized service that sets us apart. Regardless of which area your wedding is in, our top priority is capturing the beauty and magic of your special day.

Why are your prices so cheap?

This is a question we get asked A LOT!

Our goal is to offer high-quality media at an affordable rate because we believe everyone deserves to have beautiful wedding media. In the industry, there is quite a large markup on photography and videography services. (I’m sure we don’t need to tell you this because you have seen it!) Unlike individual photographers and videographers, our overhead expenses are split between hundreds of weddings so we do not need as large of a markup on our services. Don’t worry, just because our prices are more affordable does not mean you will sacrifice quality. In fact, if you were to book with our team members independent from us you would pay significantly more. So why do our team members shoot weddings with us for so much cheaper than they charge on their own? Because we handle all the marketing, booking, and editing (all the really time-consuming aspects that photographers and videographers don’t always love)!  Our team members love filling up their calendars, we love being able to offer the best prices around, and you will not have to break the bank to get the wedding media you want and deserve. Win, win, win for everyone. 

How many photographers & videographers are included in my package?

Our standard packages include one photographer and one videographer. A second shooter can be added to any package for a minimum of 4 hours and an additional fee.

Can you help me plan out my timeline?

Of course!  We love to help with timelines. Your wedding timeline is as unique as you are. We know that trying to decide how much time you need for photography & videography can be tricky to calculate. Know that we are very flexible and if you need to change the number of hours as you get closer to your wedding day and your plans become more set, we are happy to help you adjust that. We can also build you a custom package to suit your individual needs. Send us a message, and we would love to share with you our sample timelines and best tips to make your day go smoothly!

Do you have insurance?

Yes! We will be happy to provide proof of insurance to your venue upon request. 

How much is your deposit?

We have two options on the deposit. 

1. 50% now and 50% due the week of the wedding

2. 1/3 now and the rest divided monthly until the wedding

We are also happy to set up a payment plan that best supports your needs and budget.

How do I book and what forms of payment do you accept?

When you are ready to book, we will email you a customized proposal. When you open the proposal, you can electronically sign your contract and pay your deposit via debit, credit, or ACH payment. There is an option to set up automatic payments.

Are there travel fees?

It depends on your location. If your location does require an added travel expense, it will be clearly listed on your customized proposal.  We do not believe in hidden travel fees!

Idaho Engagement Photos

Never!  You have full printing and sharing rights with no watermarks.

Do you offer RAW photos and videos?

We include RAW video footage with our packages, but we do not typically provide RAW photos. We will make all of your video footage available to download when we deliver your final edited footage.

What is the benefit of the audio add on?

While your RAW video clip will include audio, the quality of that audio isn't the same as a dedicated microphone. Your videographer will be moving around during the ceremony so it's likely that background noise will be captured in the RAW video footage. With the audio add on, we bring separate equipment to capture a high quality recording of your vows and speeches. These external audio clips can then be included in your edited highlight video.

When can I expect to receive my wedding media?

Our standard turnaround time is 30 days. Of course this can vary a little depending on the season, but generally speaking we have all media delivered within 30 days. The turnaround time on our engagement sessions is typically 1 week.

How will my media be delivered?

Your photos will be available for viewing and download via Pixieset.  You will receive a link to your album that will allow you to scroll through the different sections with ease.  Pixieset will allow anyone with the link to order professional prints and download all photos in full resolution.  Since you retain the printing rights, you can have them printed anywhere you prefer (although we do recommend professional labs for the best results).

We will give you a Vimeo link for each of your videos.   This link makes it so easy to share your videos with everyone you love! You can also download the original file right from Vimeo.

What music do you use for the videos?

Will my photos have watermarks??

We have accounts with 5 separate music services so that you can choose the music you want for your wedding video. You can use any music from FyrFly, MusicBed, SoundStripe,, and Epidemic Sound. Some songs from Fyrfly and Music Bed are premium-level songs and have an additional cost of about $40 for the license.

If you would like you can also allow our editors to choose the music to fit your video. Sometimes these are the best videos!


We realize that you may want a song that is not available on one of these sites. We know that that can be disappointing, but unfortunately, US copyright law is fairly strict on this matter. Fines of $10,000 to $30,000 per infraction can be charged against both the company and you the customer. 

Still have more questions? Feel free to reach out today!

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