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Best Wedding Photography and Videography Packages in Kansas City

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Kansas city wedding couple enjoying their wedding day with Starr Photo and Video.
Starr Photo & Video

Believe it or not, Kansas City is one of the most popular places to get married!

Kansas City comes with its own special seasons, venues, religions, and traditions. Going with a local photographer and videographer is going to be your best bet. You would be surprised at how different a wedding in Kansas City is from a marriage in New York, Alabama, or Idaho.

This guide will help you as you shop for the best wedding photo and video package for your Kansas City wedding.

Have no idea where to start? Starr Photo and Video makes it easy for you by creating the best wedding photo and video package, by continuously building the very best team of local wedding photographers and videographers in Kansas City.


Example Wedding Packages:

*Elopements are usually good with 2 hours of coverage and if you think you need more than 10 hours, you may want to get a second opinion of your timeline.

Making Decisions Before You Book Your Wedding Photo & Video Package:

The key to good photos and video is good lighting. The best lighting comes from the natural sun. With this in mind, pick a venue and start time that will allow you to be outside with the most natural sunlight. Your photographer and videographer can help you with your timeline, but more times than not they will overcharge you rather than if you figure it out beforehand.

If you need help determining how many hours of photo and video coverage you can check out these example timelines.

Checking Their Style:

Remember that you will be looking at these photos for decades to come. So pick a style that is timeless. Trendy styles may be fun now but you really just want crisp, beautiful photos for your wedding day. If you want to do a fun engagement session or bridal session with a different creative photographer, that’s great. However, for your wedding day, you want timeless and natural. You’ll thank me later. ;)

Each photographer and videographer has their own editing style. If you are working with a company that has a group of local photographers and videographers though, make sure ALL the footage is edited by the same editing team, not the photographers and videographers themselves. To ensure you get the style and feel you see on their website, ads, and portfolios, you want to make sure the same people are doing the editing for everything.

Wedding Photo & Video Contracts:

When you are shopping around for your wedding photography and videography services, make sure a contract is presented and signed by both parties. A lot of mishaps happen with photographers and videographers and you want to make sure you are covered. If they do not want you to sign a contract, that is a red flag.

What you should look for in a photo/video contract:

  • How long it will take to get your photos and video back

  • Know how much is required for a deposit and if it can be refunded

  • If a payment plan is included

  • How many days do you have to be able to cancel their services

  • How many hours they have agreed to shoot for

  • How the footage will be delivered

  • Printing & sharing rights

*Always have at least one other person look over the contract with you.

*You have the right to question and request changes to a contract presented to you.

Specifically Kansas City Weddings:

There are a lot of things to think about for Kansas City weddings. Here are some things to consider when you book your photo and video.

Catholic weddings

  • Catholic wedding ceremonies are long, most of the churches are dark, flashes are sometimes not allowed, and there can be limitations on where the photographer and videographer can stand. Keep this in mind and know that it can be really hard to get good footage of a catholic wedding ceremony. Have patience with your photographer and videographer and discuss the best solutions for this.

  • Most Catholic weddings need about 6-8 hours of coverage.

Most Traditional Weddings

  • You’ll want both the photographer and videographer to be there ahead of time to get footage of getting ready and the venue decor. And then they will stay all day with you while taking a dinner/lunch break while you eat. When the couple and guests eat, the photographer and videographer eat. Guests do not like a camera in their faces while they are eating.

  • Most traditional weddings need anywhere from 4-10 hours of coverage depending on the scale of their wedding day.

Last Tip, But Most Important Tip:

Do not hire a professional photographer and videographer and then tell your uncle he can take photos too. Even with a photo and video team, the photographer takes the lead. Guests and couples just need one voice to listen to. One person needs to be the leader. It gets too confusing and stressful when multiple people are yelling. To avoid headaches and heartaches just keep it simple. You’ll be grateful you did! ;)

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