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Best Time to Get Married in Idaho

Getting married is a significant event in anyone's life, and choosing the perfect place and time to tie the knot is crucial.

If you're planning to get married in Idaho, you have a lot of factors to consider, such as weather, venues, and seasonal availability.

Whether you're looking for a summer wedding in the great outdoors or a cozy winter wedding by the fire, Idaho has something to offer for everyone.

Here we'll explore the best time to get married in Idaho and give you some tips to help you plan your dream wedding.

Let’s get started!

Bridal party celebrating. The wedding was in Boise Idaho. The bridal party is wearing all black and the groom is wearing a red suit. The brides hair is down and she is wearing a fitted wedding dress.
Starr Photo & Video

What to Consider Before You Wet Your Wedding Date

Before booking your wedding date, there are several important factors to consider to ensure that your special day is a success. Here are some key things to keep in mind:

  1. Personal preferences: You can choose a date that has personal significance or meaning to you and your partner, such as an anniversary or a special day in your relationship.

  2. Venue availability: Check the availability of your preferred wedding venue to ensure it is free on your chosen date. Sometimes they offer discounts on certain days and raise their prices for other dates.

  3. Budget: Weddings are expensive, so if you need more time to be able to be financially stable this may be included in what day you get married.

  4. Guest availability: If it is important for certain family and friends to attend your wedding, make sure you chat with them to see what days will work best for everyone.

  5. Vendor availability: Check the availability of your preferred vendors, such as caterers, photographers, and musicians, to ensure they are free on your wedding date. They also may have raised rates for certain dates.

  6. Holidays and special events: Avoid major holidays or local events that could affect the availability and prices of venues and vendors.

  7. Travel plans: Consider the travel plans of your guests, particularly if you are planning a destination wedding.

  8. Time of day: Decide on the time of day for your wedding ceremony and reception to suit your wedding style and preferences. Your local photographer and videographer can help determine what will be the best time for photos and video.

  9. Cultural or religious considerations: Take into account any cultural or religious requirements for your wedding ceremony or reception. Some religious weddings do their religious ceremony on one day and their reception on a different day.

Idaho wedding couple kissing under some aspen trees on their wedding day. The bride is holding pink and white flowers. They are getting their photo taken by Starr Photo and Video.
Starr Photo & Video

Summer Weddings in Idaho:

Summer is an ideal time to get married in Idaho if you love the great outdoors. With warm and sunny weather, you can have a scenic outdoor wedding with breathtaking mountain views or a picturesque lakeside ceremony. There are many outdoor venues available during the summer months, such as vineyards, ranches, and parks, which can create an unforgettable backdrop for your special day. Summer is one of the most popular times to get married in Idaho.

Fall Weddings in Idaho:

Early fall is a magical time to get married in Idaho, with its stunning autumn leaves providing a breathtaking backdrop for your wedding photos. The later fall weather can be unpredictable, as we can start to get some snow storms. Also you do not want to wait too long as the fall leaves will fall and the background turns to more gray and brown colors. The cooler weather can be perfect for outdoor ceremonies, and there are plenty of unique venues to choose from, such as historic barns and orchards. However, it is a good idea to look into a venue that can be outdoors or indoors in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. Plus, the abundance of fresh produce during the season can inspire creative and delicious menu options for your guests.

Winter Weddings in Idaho:

If you're dreaming of a winter wonderland wedding, Idaho is the perfect place to make it a reality. With its snow-capped mountains and cozy venues, you can have a magical wedding that your guests will never forget. Make sure your venue is indoors and that you schedule to do your photos outside during the warmest part of the day. Your guests will thank you! If you're looking for a budget-friendly option, winter weddings in Idaho can be less expensive than summer weddings due to lower demand.

Spring Weddings in Idaho:

Spring in Idaho is a beautiful time to get married, with its blooming wildflowers and mild temperatures providing a perfect setting for your ceremony and reception. Many outdoor venues are available during this season, such as parks, gardens, and ranches, which can provide a natural and romantic atmosphere. Spring weddings in Idaho are ideal for couples looking for a more laid-back and intimate celebration, as they tend to be less crowded than summer weddings.

Bridesmaid photo taken in Boise Idaho. Bridesmaids are wearing mint green dresses and they are all smiling towards the camera. Couple used Starr Photo & Video for their wedding photography.
Starr Photo & Video

Last Tip:

At the end of the day, pick the date and time that is going to make you the happiest. Everyone is going to tell you something different, so just be you and do what will make you and your partner the happiest.


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