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Best Wedding Photography and Videography Packages in Idaho

Idaho wedding couple using Starr Photo and Video services.
Starr Photo & Video

Idaho is one of the most beautiful places to get married. It is not surprising that many couples choose to tie the knot here!

However, it can be tricky to find the perfect wedding photography and videography package for an Idaho wedding.

The state of Idaho comes with its own seasons, venues, religions, and traditions. You would be surprised at how different a wedding in Idaho is from a wedding in California, Texas, or Kansas City.

This guide will help you as you shop around for your own wedding photo and video package.

*Have no idea where to start? Starr Photo and Video makes it easy! They create the best wedding photo and video packages connecting you to local Idaho photographers and videographers all for an affordable price.


Example Wedding Packages:

  • 4 hours

  • 6 hours

  • 8 hours

  • 10 hour

*Elopements are usually good with 2 hours of coverage and if you think you need more than 10 hours, you may want a second opinion on your timeline.

Wedding Photo & Video Contracts:

When you are shopping around for your wedding photography and videography services, make sure a contract is presented and signed by both parties. A lot of mishaps happen with photographers and videographers and you want to make sure you are covered. If they do not want you to sign a contract, that is a red flag.

In wedding photo and video package contracts, you should look for:

  • How long it will take to get your photos and video back

  • How many hours they have agreed to shoot for

  • How the footage will be delivered

  • The printing right and the availability you will have of your footage

  • Who is responsible for editing the footage

  • Does the footage come with a free re-edit upon delivery

  • Will they work well with the other videographer and/or photographer you have already hired

Double Checking Style:

Each photographer and videographer have their own editing style. Most are shot relatively the same way for weddings. However, what happens during editing is what separates them. If you are working with a company of wedding photographers and videographers, make sure ALL the footage is edited by an editing team, not the photographers and videographers themselves. To ensure you get the style and feel you see on their website, ads, and portfolios, you want to make sure the same people are doing the editing for everything.

Bride celebrating with her bridesmaids who are wearing emerald colored dresses.
Starr Photo & Video

Making Decisions Before You Hire Your Wedding Photographer and Videographer:

Every wedding is different, so your footage is not going to look exactly like someone else’s. This being said, remember to look at their portfolio of work with that in mind. Look more at the coloring, angles, and if they generally have a lot of work to show. You can really help control how your footage turns out by making decisions beforehand.

The key to good photos and video is good natural lighting. Photography is the art of light. So pick a venue and start time that will allow you to be outside with the most natural sunlight. Your photographer and videographer can help you with this but remember you need to know how many hours you are going to need there before they will quote you a price. If you let them decide how many hours you need, they will most likely charge you more.

If you need help determining how many hours of photo and video coverage you can check out this example timelines guide.

Idaho-Specific Weddings:

There are a lot of things to think about for Idaho weddings. Here are some things to consider when you are about to book your photo and video package.

  • Tell the photographers and videographer the time you are going into the temple for your sealing, not when you think you will come out. It is very hard to tell them an exact time to come because some sealers are long-winded and take an hour and some are short and sweet and take only 15 minutes. You do not want your photographer and videographer to miss your temple exit, so just tell them the time you are going in and they can plan accordingly.

  • For photos and video right after you exit the temple, that usually only takes 1-2.5 hours. Even if you have a giant family, the most it is going to take is 1-2.5 hours for both family and couple photos.

  • Most receptions last 2 hours.

  • If you are doing a ring ceremony and a ring ceremony, you need to plan to have the photographer and videographer there for about 3-5 hours.

  • Overall most simple LDS weddings can do a 4-6 hour package of photo and video and you’ll be covered.

Catholic weddings

  • Catholic wedding ceremonies are long, most of the churches are dark, flashes are sometimes not allowed, and there can be limitations on where the photographer and videographer can stand. Keep this in mind and know that it can be really hard to get good footage of a catholic wedding ceremony. Have patience with your photographer and videographer and discuss the best solutions for this.

  • Most Catholic weddings need about 6-8 hours of coverage.

Most Traditional Weddings

  • You’ll want both the photographer and videographer to be there ahead of time to get footage of getting ready and the venue decor. And then they will stay all day with you while taking a dinner/lunch break while you eat. When the couple and guests eat, the photographer and videographer eat. Guests do not like a camera in their faces while they are eating.

  • Most traditional weddings need anywhere from 4-10 hours of coverage depending on the scale of their wedding day.

Couple eloped to Jackson Hole. They are celebrating with a kiss and using Starr Photo & Video.

  • Do not hire a professional photographer and videographer and then tell your uncle he can take photos too. Even with a photo and video team, the photographer takes the lead. Guests and couples just need one voice to listen to. One person needs to be the leader. It gets too confusing and stressful when multiple people are yelling. To avoid headaches and heartaches just keep it simple. You’ll thank me later!

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