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Starr Photo & Video: Affordable Wedding Photography Prices for Timeless Memories

When planning a wedding, one of the most important considerations is wedding photography and videography. How much should those cost?

Starr Photo & Video offers exceptional wedding photography prices that provide timeless, high-quality footage without breaking the bank.

Let’s explore the various wedding packages designed to suit different needs and budgets!

Weddig photo of a wedding couple smiling at each other.
Starr Photo & Video

Wedding Packages

Pearl Package - $2200

- Coverage: 4 hours of both photo and video

- Edited Photos: 300+

- Video Length: 6-8 minutes

The Pearl Package is perfect for couples looking for essential coverage of their big day. With 4 hours of service, Starr Photo & Video ensures that the most crucial moments are beautifully captured. You'll receive over 300 edited photos and a 6-8 minute highlight video, preserving your memories in a concise, stunning format.

Diamond Package - $2800

- Coverage: 6 hours of both photo and video

- Edited Photos: 450+

- Video Length: 8-10 minutes

Our most popular package, the Diamond Package, is a favorite among couples for its comprehensive coverage and affordability. With 6 hours of service, it typically covers all aspects of a traditional wedding, from the ceremony to the reception. This package includes over 450 edited photos and an 8-10 minute video, offering a beautiful and thorough documentation of your wedding day.

Platinum Package - $3400

- Coverage: 8 hours of both photo and video

- Edited Photos: 600+

- Video Length: 10-12 minutes

The Platinum Package provides 8 hours of coverage, making it ideal for couples who want to document their entire wedding day. With over 600 edited photos and a 10-12 minute video, you'll have a detailed, high-quality record of all the significant moments, from the morning preparations to the evening celebrations.

Gold Package - $4100

- Coverage: 10 hours of both photo and video

- Edited Photos: 750+

- Video Length: 12-14 minutes

The Gold Package is the ultimate choice for couples who want extensive coverage of their wedding day. With 10 hours of service, Starr Photo & Video ensures that every moment, from start to finish, is captured in stunning detail. This package includes over 750 edited photos and a 12-14 minute video, providing a comprehensive and timeless record of your special day.

Wedding photo of a couple walking with their bridal party.
Starr Photo & Video

Wedding Photography Prices (Photo Only)

Pearl Package - $1400

- Coverage: 4 hours

- Edited Photos: 300+

Diamond Package - $1700

- Coverage: 6 hours

- Edited Photos: 450+

Platinum Package - $2000

- Coverage: 8 hours

- Edited Photos: 600+

Gold Package - $2400

- Coverage: 10 hours

- Edited Photos: 750+

Wedding photo of a bride cheering with her bridesmaids.
Starr Photo & Video

Wedding Photo and Video Only Packages

As you can see Starr Photo & Video offers separate photo and video packages. Whether you need just photography or videography services, you can find an option that fits your needs and budget.


Starr Photo & Video’s wedding photography prices are designed to provide exceptional value without compromising on quality. Whether you choose the Pearl, Diamond, Platinum, or Gold package, you can trust that your wedding day will be beautifully captured and preserved. Explore these packages and find the perfect fit for your wedding to ensure that your memories are timelessly documented.

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