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Impersonation and Fraudulent Activity Alert

Updated: Feb 13

Starr Photo & Video Bride looking away fromt he camera

Impersonation Alert!

Unfortunately, It has come to our attention that someone has registered the email address and is attempting to impersonate our business, Starr Photo & Video. This email address is NOT associated with our company, and any communication from this address is not from us.

We take this matter seriously and have reported the fraudulent activity to the necessary authorities. Our official communication channels are:

Customer Service:

Idaho Phone Number: (208) 502-4709

Kansas & Missouri Phone Number: (816) 608-6858

Instagram & Facebook: @starrphotovideo and @starrpvkc

We urge you to be cautious and verify any communication claiming to be from Starr Photo & Video that does not come from our official channels. To ensure your security, please double-check the sender's information before responding to any emails or messages.

If you receive suspicious communication or have any concerns, please contact us directly through our official channels.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Best regards,


Starr Photo & Video

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