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Free Wedding Photography Shot List

If you're currently knee-deep in wedding planning, then you've come to the right place.

Here we are diving into the oh-so-important topic of creating your wedding photography shot list –

and guess what?

We're giving it to you absolutely free! 

So grab your favorite snack, cozy up in your comfiest spot, and let's get down to business!

Wedding Photography Shot List blog photo. Photo of a bride with her bridesmaids all in gold.
Starr Photo & Video

Wedding Photography Shot List: Where to Begin?

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let's take a moment to breathe and soak in the excitement of your big day. Visualize your wedding day unfolding like a fairytale, with every magical moment waiting to be captured by your talented photographer. Now, let's turn that vision into reality with a comprehensive shot list that leaves no memory behind! Need a wedding photographer? Click here to view Starr Photo and Video wedding photo and video pricing!

Wedding Photography Shot List Essentials:

1. The Details: 

It's all in the details! From the stunning floral arrangements to the intricate lace on your gown, make sure your photographer captures all the little touches that make your day uniquely yours.

2. The Getting Ready Shots: 

Ahh, the anticipation of the big day begins here! From slipping into your gorgeous gown to the final touches of hair and makeup, these moments are pure gold. Don't forget to include shots of your bridal party getting glam – those candid laughs and happy tears are what memories are made of!

3. The First Look: 

Cue the happy tears and heart-fluttering moments as you and your beloved lay eyes on each other for the first time. Whether it's a private moment or a grand reveal, make sure your photographer is ready to capture every emotion-filled second.

4. The Ceremony: 

It's showtime, darling! From the breathtaking venue decor to the heartwarming exchange of vows, your ceremony is the heart of your wedding day. Ensure your shot list includes all the must-have moments, from the walk down the aisle to the first kiss as newlyweds.

5. The Family Portraits: 

Say cheese! Gather your nearest and dearest for a series of timeless family portraits that will adorn mantels for years to come. Remember to include shots with both sides of the family – after all, weddings are all about celebrating love and unity!

6. The Bridal Party: 

Strike a pose, it's time to show off your squad! Whether you're surrounded by bridesmaids in matching dresses or groomsmen in sharp suits, these shots are all about capturing the love, laughter, and camaraderie that make your inner circle so special.

7. The Couple Portraits: 

Just you two, lost in your own little world of love and romance. Take a moment to steal away with your photographer and capture some swoon-worthy portraits that showcase the pure magic of your connection.

8. The Reception: 

Let the celebration begin! From the grand entrance to the heartfelt toasts, your reception is a whirlwind of joy and excitement. Don't forget to document all the fun – from cutting the cake to tearing up the dance floor, every moment is worthy of a snapshot.

9. The Sendoff:

Whether you do a sparkler sendoff, rice, or bubbles, these sendoff photos can be some of the most fun! Need more ideas for a creative sendoff? Click here for more ideas!

Wedding couple having their sendoff with all their wedding guest. Wedding guests are holding up sparklers for the happy couple.
Starr Photo and Video

Wedding Photography Shot List: Making the Most Out Of It

Now that you've got your shot list locked and loaded, here are a few tips to ensure your wedding day photoshoot goes off without a hitch:

- Communicate with Your Photographer: 

Your photographer is your ultimate ally in capturing your dream wedding day. Be sure to communicate your vision, preferences, and any must-have shots well in advance to ensure they're prepared to make your dreams a reality. Need a wedding photographer? Click here to view Starr Photo and Video's pricing!

- Trust Your Instincts: 

While it's great to have a shot list as a guide, don't be afraid to go with the flow and let the magic unfold naturally. Some of the most beautiful moments happen when you least expect them!

- Stay Relaxed and Present:

 With all the excitement of the day, it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle. Take a deep breath, stay present in the moment, and trust that your photographer will capture the magic as it unfolds.

- Have Fun with It:

 Your wedding day is a celebration of love, so don't forget to have fun! Laugh, dance, and soak in every moment – your joy and happiness will shine through in your photos.

Need a example wedding timeline? Click here to view more examples!

Wedding couple kissing while their bridal party holds bouquets around their heads.
Starr Photo and Video

And there you have it – your free wedding photography shot list to make your big day extra special! With a little planning, a whole lot of love, and the magic of your talented photographer behind the lens, you're sure to have a wedding day worth remembering. Still don’t know where to start? Starr Photo and Video makes your wedding photo and video easy and affordable! Contact us today for more details!

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