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Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is one of the most challenging yet rewarding genres of photography. It requires a unique set of skills, including the ability to capture intimate moments, tell a story, and work in a fast-paced and unpredictable environment.

However, with great power comes great responsibility, and wedding photographers are tasked with capturing one of the most important days in a couple's life.

To ensure that your wedding photography is a success, there are some essential do's and don'ts that every wedding photographer should be aware of.

Here we will discuss some of the most important do's and don'ts of wedding photography to help you capture the perfect shots and make your clients' day one to remember for years to come.

Let’s get started!

Wedding photographer taking a photo of the bridal party.

10 Do’s of Wedding Photography

  1. Be Personable Before, During and After the Wedding: For most couples, this is a once in a lifetime experience. Make them feel special. Plus, the best way to get new photography clients is getting referred by a couple or wedding guests you interacted with in the past. Always putting on your best face. Introduce yourself to the couple before the wedding day and discuss their expectations, preferences, and the schedule of events. Be real with them and communicate effectively.

  2. Be Prepared: Bring backup equipment, extra batteries, memory cards, and any other essential gear. You can never be too safe. Also, if you don’t know the venue or location you are going to, it is good to google it beforehand. You can also go and scout out a new location.

  3. Dress Appropriately: Flannel shirt and a beanie just doesn’t cut it. As a general rule it is best to wear darker colors like black, navy, or dark green so you don’t call attention to yourself. It is good to wear something with pockets, so you always have an extra battery and SD card with you. And finally, wear comfortable shoes. You’ll thank me that you did!

  4. Be Early: As a general rule, always show up about 30 min before the time they tell you to come. That way you can set up your equipment without being rusted and introduce yourself to the bride and groom’s parents and any other bridal party members.

  5. Be Organized & Keep Busy: Have a shot list and timeline of events in mind to ensure you capture all the important moments and don't miss any key shots. Keep busy while always keeping an eye on the bride and groom in case they need anything.

  6. Work Together with the Videographer: The video is just as important as the photos. Overall, yes the photographer usually takes the lead, but creates moments of movement so the videographer can get their shots. Communicate before so you know that both of you have creative freedom and input.

  7. Be Creative: Yes, make sure you get those basic/classic shots, but then get creative. Look for unique and interesting angles, compositions, and lighting to create memorable and stunning photos. These won’t just be the favorite photos of the couple, but these you will use to post of your own instagram and website. Looking at ideas on Pinterest may help.

  8. Communicate Effectively: Communicate clearly with the couple, wedding party, and other vendors to ensure you are all on the same page. Be clear and concise. Always say thank you. Nobody loves taking family photos, so be grateful and positive during these moments.

  9. Be Discreet: Blend into the background during the ceremony and reception to capture candid moments without being obtrusive.

  10. Have Fun: Enjoy the day and celebrate with the couple!

Wedding photo taken by Starr Photo & Video of a dazzling couple on their wedding day. The bride is wearing a long pearl veil which is used to create foreground in the photo.
Starr Photo & Video


11 Don'ts of Wedding Photography

  1. Be late: This is the worst thing you can do. Do not arrive late on the wedding day as this can delay the schedule and cause unnecessary stress for the couple and guests.

  2. Be unprofessional: Do not dress inappropriately or behave unprofessionally, as this can reflect poorly on you and the couple. First impressions are vital, and if you aren’t dressed appropriately you are automatically looked down upon.

  3. Be disorganized: Do not be disorganized or forget essential equipment, as this can cause delays and missed opportunities for important shots.

  4. Be intrusive: Do not be intrusive or disrupt the ceremony or reception by getting in the way of the couple, guests, or other vendors.

  5. Be rude: Do not be rude or disrespectful to anyone, including the couple, wedding party, guests, or other vendors.

  6. Miss important moments: Do not miss important moments, such as the first kiss, first dance, or cutting of the cake, as these are crucial moments that cannot be recreated. The couple will be so sad that they can’t look back on that important moment.

  7. Be careless: Do not be careless with equipment or the couple's belongings, as this can result in damage or loss.

  8. Be uncommunicative: Do not be uncommunicative or fail to provide clear direction to the couple, wedding party, or guests, as this can result in confusion and missed shots.

  9. Over-edit: Do not over-edit or excessively retouch photos, as this can detract from the natural beauty and authenticity of the images. Be as natural as possible while highlighting the best features of the photos. Make sure they are all cohesive.

  10. Break the contract: Do not break any terms of the contract, including delivering the photos late, providing poor quality images, or violating any other agreed-upon terms.

  11. Twirl instead of dress flip: When you have a mom or a bridesmaid just throw the dress it can look fake and often turns out a little blurry. A better way to let the bride enjoy her dress is to have her twirl around and throw her own dress. It shows to be more candid and you can get some genuine smiles on the bride's face. See examples below.

Dress flip Twirl Twirl


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