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Best Time to Get Married in Kansas City

Many couples choose Kansas City as their wedding location. It is beautiful, but has fluctuating weather patterns.

Choosing the best time to tie the knot can be overwhelming.

Whether you're envisioning a rustic outdoor ceremony or a lavish indoor celebration, this guide can help.

Here we have outlined everything to make choosing the best season and time for your special wedding day.

We'll explore the best time to get married in Kansas City and provide you with some tips to help you plan your special day.

Let’s get started!

Gorgeous Kansas City. Groom is standing behind the bride embracing her. Bride is wearing a strapless, lace gown with beautiful diamond earring and necklace. The groom is wearing a gray suit. They are using Starr Photo and Video for their photography services.
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Before you Pick your Wedding Date:

Before you pick your wedding day, make sure to think about what is most important to you. For example, if your sweet grandparents were married on February 16th and it has always been your dream to get married on that day, then that’s the day, no questions asked. If you feel like it’s important to pick a day that works for all your friends and family then it most likely needs to be on a Saturday. Here are some other things to consider before you pick your wedding date:

  • Venue availability: Consider the availability of your desired wedding venue and check if it is available on your preferred date.

  • Budget: Set a budget for your wedding and ensure that your chosen date falls within your financial constraints.

  • Guest availability: Check with your VIP guests, such as parents, siblings, and best friends, to make sure they are available on your wedding date.

  • Holidays and special events: Avoid major holidays or local events that could affect availability and prices of venues and vendors. Almost always, the price will be increased for holidays.

  • Travel plans: Consider the travel plans of your guests, particularly if you are planning a destination wedding.

  • Cultural or religious considerations: Take into account any cultural or religious requirements for your wedding ceremony or reception. Some couples split their religious wedding ceremony for one day and then do their reception another day.

  • Personal preferences: Choose a date that has personal significance or meaning to you and your partner, such as an anniversary or a special day in your relationship.

Kansas City Bride and her bridesmaids celebrating. Bridesmaids are wearing emerald colored dresses and holding white flowers.
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Summer Weddings in Kansas City:

Summer is the ideal time to have an outdoor wedding in Kansas City. With warm weather and plenty of sunshine, you can take advantage of the city's many parks and gardens for a picturesque ceremony. The long days also mean more time to enjoy your celebration, and the abundance of fresh produce during the season can inspire a farm-to-table menu for your guests.

Fall Weddings in Kansas City:

Fall is a popular choice for weddings in Kansas City, thanks to its mild weather and beautiful fall leaves. The changing colors of the trees provide a stunning backdrop for wedding photos, and the season's bounty of apples and pumpkins can inspire unique decorations and menu items. Plus, venues and vendors may offer more flexibility and competitive pricing during the off-peak season.

Winter Weddings in Kansas City:

While winters in Kansas City can be chilly, they also offer a unique and cozy backdrop for weddings. Indoor venues, such as historic buildings or upscale hotels, can create a warm and inviting atmosphere, and festive decor can add to the charm. Plus, winter weddings may come with lower prices and more availability than peak seasons, making it easier to plan a dream wedding on a budget.

Spring Weddings in Kansas City:

Spring in Kansas City brings mild weather and blooming flowers, making it a popular choice for outdoor weddings. The city's many gardens and parks come to life during this season, providing a stunning backdrop for your ceremony and reception.

Kansas City couple running through the street. They are taking their engagement photos. They are happy and joyful to be getting married.
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Last Tip:

At the end of the day, pick the date and time that is going to make you the happiest. Everyone is going to tell you something different and have their own personal opinion. Be you and do what will make you and your partner the happiest.


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